built upon a set of principles and values 

From the selection of employees to the way we treat our partners and clients, everything we do stays within the spirit of fair, effective, and highly adaptive business.

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Industry expertise

Oil & Gas

With extensive experience in the industry, we can simply join a project and start contributing right away.


Our knowledge about the manufacturing processes and distribution channels for products.


Dedicated team with a motivation to provide premium quality health products & services to both domestic and International market

Advisory & Consultancy

We have a sterling reputation for  financial guidance, and education consultancy which works to deepen the expertise in the industry.

Information Technology

We can recommend the best software suits, oversee the implementation stage, and ensure that the system is utilized to its full capacity.

Construction & Engineering

Huge collection of elements, rich customization options, flexible layouts, and instant results!

ABout us

Soltech brings together so many competencies under the same roof that we can provide valuable assistance to companies in almost any line of business. We combine skillful tracking of macroeconomic trends with in-depth expertise in well-defined fields, and connect locally-based professionals with a wide network of high-level associates all over the world. This gives us the ability to contribute to projects of any size and create value for our partners in many different ways.


Soltech was built upon a set of principles and values that remain ingrained in our everyday operations to this day. From the selection of employees to the way we treat our partners and clients, everything we do stays within the spirit of fair, effective, and highly adaptive business.  We continue to grow together with our clients and to develop new skills and competences and adopt new organizational paradigms. This dynamic approach gives us the ability to stay proactive and embrace new challenges and opportunities as they arise. It also allows us to leverage new technologies for the benefit of our clients and to identify any potential difference-making upgrades before they become obvious to the whole world.

Corporate Services

In order to take advantage of the available opportunities, companies have to be able to navigate a maze of technical challenges.

Joint Venture

A direction from professionals can streamline the process, ensure that key traps are avoided.

Strategic Partnership

We have extensive experience in collaborative projects and can facilitate temporary or long-term partnerships between business entities.

Shutdown Services

Unique set of skills are necessary for a successful plant turnaround, from strong organizational and management capacity to industry-specific expertise.

Medical Division

We are also engaged in the sourcing, supply, import and export of medical disposables, hospital equipment and furniture, medical devices, laboratory and dental products.

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