The scope of our services is quite broad, and we combine the benefits of in-depth expertise for numerous fields with insights and strategic analysis .

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With Soltech, clients don’t have to choose between narrow specialization and shallow generalization. We are a rare example of a company that does many different things and does them all very well. Tied together by expert leadership from our management and strict business procedures based on practical insights, our industry-specific sectors add up to something more than the sum of all parts. Knowledge is transferred across departmental lines and national borders effortlessly, allowing each team to take advantage of the accumulated expertise of the company as a whole. We also rely on data analytics and strategic planning to define and execute key business goals more efficiently and without loss of valuable time. That’s how Soltech manages to remain competitive in so many different fields at once and to provide value for international clients on a consistent basis.

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Looking for a collaboration? 

Guidance from an experienced firm like Soltech is extremely valuable during joint venture negotiations and setup.

  • Direction from professionals can streamline the process, ensure that key traps are avoided, and ultimately save a lot of time and money.
  • We can advise our clients about the best practices regarding joint ventures in various sectors of the economy in the Middle East and worldwide, and help them take advantage of the available possibilities for capital accumulation.
  • Our understanding of local regulations and business procedures is a valuable resource, as it represents a shortcut that can significantly accelerate the entire process and shorten the return on investment period.

With so many parameters to keep track of in an equity alliance, the involvement of a professional consulting firm like Soltech is not only preferable, but may indeed be necessary.

  • As veterans of the investment sector in Qatar, Soltech has deep expertise that can be helpful to anyone looking to establish an equity alliance internationally.
  • We have been following the global markets for a long time and have access to a tremendous amount of data that can be crucial when making a decision whether to enter into a relationship with another investor.
  • Soltech can lean on our knowledge about specific industries including manufacturing, energy production, and engineering, to conduct an accurate evaluation of any business proposal.

It is common for two or more companies to share a strategic interest, but it can be difficult for them to come to an agreement regarding the best way to join forces. Forming a strategic partnership is a serious business decision that requires a lot of research and preparation, as well as a lot of negotiation and administration. Soltech has extensive experience in collaborative projects and can facilitate temporary or long-term partnerships between business entities located anywhere on the planet. There are several types of strategic partnerships that could prove viable, depending on the main element shared by the partners:

  • Technology partnerships are typically built on joint access to a crucial technology that creates an edge in the market. This type of collaboration is especially important in sectors that rely on innovation and automation.
  • Financial partnerships are formed when there is a need to pool resources together and compete against larger rivals. They can be realized in many different ways, and must be formalized by contracts that define how the shared finances are controlled.
  • Marketing partnerships represent a way for companies to engage in mutual promotion, thus combining their outreach and expanding the circle of potential buyers. Deals of this type work the best when the partners provide separate but complementary services.
  • Supply chain partnerships are created between companies that form parts of the same business vertical and serve to simplify and secure the provision of raw materials and services needed for completion of the final product.

Our consultancy service is very flexible, as we are active in many different industries and have an intricate understanding of the movements in the global markets. Thus, we can provide an accurate and detailed analysis of many different sectors and indicate the areas where profits can be most readily made.

  • We can act as long-term advisors to our clients, or provide opinions about specific issues on a case-by-case basis. The scope of our contributions is very broad, and extends to the spheres of hardware and software, financials, purchasing strategies, as well as promotional activities.
  • We are also capable of interpreting the specific language found in industry regulations and contracts, and mediating between parties in more complex business arrangements.
  • As we get to know your business model and objectives better, we can participate in project planning, help to formulate criteria for staff hiring, provide assistance with price setting, or perform a number of other activities.

Within the realm of corporate services, Soltech covers all stages of business formation and operation. Some of our most popular services include:

  • Office space leasing at favorable prices in business-friendly facilities located in major urban areas or out-of-town campuses.
  • Assistance with paperwork during new company formation and legal registration in various jurisdictions, including Qatar and other countries in the Persian Gulf.
  • Obtaining visas and work permits for foreign nationals who are essential for the project, including the client’s own employees as well as potential job candidates.
  • Negotiating local licenses for international enterprises expanding into a new country and setting up the legal and financial frameworks for the planned business operation.

It is paramount that the shutdowns of important manufacturing plants and refineries are conducted both expediently and professionally, which is why this task is often trusted to specialized providers like Soltech.

  • We possess the unique combination of skills necessary for a successful plant turnaround, from strong organizational and management capacity to industry-specific expertise.
  • Our technicians are extremely experienced with all forms of technology used in the petrochemical production, and have access to first-rate equipment. This allows us to act as one-stop-shop for all matters related to shutdown projects of any size, taking control from preparatory stages down to the moment when the production is restarted.
  • By improving the cost-effectiveness of this procedure, we can help our partners to remain competitive in the global market while they undergo a technological restructuring phase.

Outsourcing gains can be maximized through collaboration with Soltech, as we have a lot of contacts that allow us to identify the most suitable candidates and bring them to the attention of potential employers.

  • Hiring foreign workers through Soltech is completely safe as we perform background checks and seek recommendations, which presents a chance to decrease personnel costs and create large savings on the long-term.
  • Recruitment of unskilled labor on behalf of our clients is an activity that we can conduct very effectively while organizing all aspects of the process.
  • Alternatively, we can coordinate head-hunting drives to find highly skilled international professionals that fit the profile. Since workers suitable for executive positions are in great demand, successful recruitment requires a systematic approach that Soltech is known for.
  • Regardless of the type of skills required or the number of positions that need to be filled, Soltech always connects its clients with top worldwide talent and provides them with an edge in the marketplace.

Due to our long presence in the international market and direct experience with very diverse projects, Soltech has the ability to lower the costs of many essential resources, human or material.

  • By assuming all sourcing tasks, Soltech can standardize the quality of input, bring expenses under tighter control, and ensure that business continuity won’t be interrupted at a critical moment.
  • Our track record in the role of a sourcing partner is impeccable, and we have helped numerous enterprises to achieve and maintain higher profitability.
  • We use a consistent and disciplined approach, and compare all available options before choosing the best one.
  • Your business model could be made more robust without any particular effort on your part, with a positive impact on the quality of your products and services.

IIn a non-equity alliance, ensuring that the interests of all parties remain aligned and directed towards a shared goal is an ongoing concern. The involvement of an independent and professional company in a coordinating role can ease tensions and provide a mechanism for continuous harmonization.

  • Soltech has the prerequisite knowledge and reputation to play this role with success, and to assist the formation and execution of partnerships on a non-equity basis.
  • We have the resources to monitor the implementation of the plan, as well as the infrastructure necessary for real-time coordination of activities on the international level.
  • With our support, even the most ambitious joint projects can run smoothly from start to finish.