Enviromental Services

We have successfully combined a depth of expertise with versatility of services.

Enviromental Services

We provide expert consulting services with the following areas.


Comprehensive environmental compliance and strategic advice on corrective action.


Stack testing and audit continuous monitoring of all criteria pollutants.


Monitoring, recordkeeping, reporting and database management.


Different wastewater streams inspections and sampling including laboratory analysis.


Waste determinations and characterization for the full spectrum of waste types.


General and custom training, waste minimization programs.


Baseline and ongoing compliance audits and compliance evaluations.


Support to facilities seeking off-site waste management services.


Performing LDAR emission calculations.

Our experts have decades of experience with EPA test methods and with a wide variety of emissions units that require periodic testing. Our monitoring solutions include the highest quality of instrumentation - installed by experienced professionals - as well as customized software for data monitoring, retrieval, analysis, reporting and presentation. SOLTECH also offers professional training courses designed to familiarize environmental professionals with: inspection & monitoring procedures, compliance audits, monitoring and sampling plan development.

Plan preparation, Review and Description of containment and/or diversionary structures.

Plan execution (Drills / Exercises, employee training and response evaluation).

Facility Diagram indicating oil related activities and Oil realesed quantity.

Description of each oil container, Oil Handling and Spill Prevention procedures.

Prediction of the flow direction and flow rate.

Spill Reporting and response procedures.

Employee training and certification.

Waste Mangement

Oil and Gas

Road Construction

Split, noble split, gravel material, pre-screen, hard stone material, recycling; disposal of soil excavation and recycled material; transport of bulk materials.


Logistics Management

Waste transport, dangerous goods transport, liquid goods, agglomeration technology and commercial waste sorting plant.


Environmental Technology

Waste fuel plant, processing of special waste, recycling, disposal and recovery concepts as well as container service.

Advisory & Consultancy

Operation of a landfill

Consultancy, design, rehabilitation and operation of state of the art landfill, operation of an interim storage facility for special waste and a tank farm.

Information Technology

Renewable Energies

Planning, operation and project planning of photovoltaic systems and geothermal systems.

Construction & Engineering

Sewer and industrial

Sewer cleaning, TV investigation, sewer repair, industrial cleaning, construction and operation of sewage sludge drying and thermal recovery plants.